EUNICE Mthombeni said happiness killed her husband!

The 54-year-old mum of three from Daveyton, Ekurhuleni, said after winning a court case, he danced all day before suddenly dropping dead!

Speaking about how her husband Timothy (56) died in March, Eunice said he had just won a court case against a woman who wanted to take their house.

“It was on a Friday and he was very happy. He asked for a glass of water, which I gave him. After drinking it, he just fell down and died. The doctors told me he died from being too happy.”

Eunice said after learning of Timothy’s death, the woman who wanted to steal the family home returned.

“Now that my husband is dead, she thinks she can overpower me and get away with her evil plan to take our house,” she said.

“She isn’t even a relative. She just arrived out of nowhere and claimed that she had bought our house. But she wouldn’t say who she had bought it from.”

Eunice said she suspected the woman was a no-good thief.

“I won’t let this woman take my house. That will happen when I’m dead!”

The SunTeam tried to contact the woman but all attempts were fruitless. She didn’t answer her phone or respond to messages.

Gauteng Human Settlements spokesman Keith Khoza said Eunice must go to the police and report the matter.

  • Daily Sun