A couple was caught having ‘good time’ in a bush – after a church service on last Sunday.
Going by the conversation recorded in the video, the couple had met in church before they snuggled out from the crowd and left for the bush. Hours later a motorbike operator overheard the clamouring sound and went to check what the commotion was about.
The motorbike operator stumbled upon them and summoned his friends to dispense the punishment. In the video, you could tell that an argument followed after they were caught. The woman disclosed that she had pleaded with her partner to get a room but he failed.
Rooms, according to the conversation, would have cost not up to R300.At the time they were caught, the lady who was dressed in blue still had her head gear on. Her hair tie was complete with the red cross that shows she is a member of the women’s guild.
Cases of adultery are common Limpopo.