Gogo Gladys Makhanda’s (68) husband Milton Makhanda (54) was gunned down in front of her in 2002. Now the same thing has happened to her son, Unathi Makhanda (36).

Unathi, who took over his father’s taxi business, was killed at his home at Old Crossroad in Nyanga, Cape Town on Saturday night.

Gladys said it was clear her son’s killer was waiting for him to return home.

She said she was watching TV when she heard gunshots outside. She opened the door when she heard her son scream.

“He said we mustn’t close the door. He ran inside and his killer followed him in.

“I pleaded with him not to finish him off but that didn’t help.

“The killer looked me in the eyes and continued to shoot my son,” she said.

Family member Zukiswa Jacobs said no one deserved to see their loved ones being killed. Gogo’s daughter Monica Makhanda said her brother suspected people were looking for him.

“On two occasions, we woke up in the morning and saw someone standing outside our yard.”

Monica said some people believe her brother’s car was used in a recent shooting incident at Langa taxi rank that left three taxi drivers dead.

“We’re sad because he didn’t do anything. God will punish whoever killed my brother.”

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said the death of a 36-year-old man is being investigated.

“He was shot at his house in Crossroads at 6.30pm on Saturday by an unknown suspect. The victim was admitted to hospital where he died of his injuries. A motive has not been established.”

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