According to Brian Baloyi, a well-known sangoma from Tzaneen in Limpopo. The ancestors are really not happy with the way South Africa being governed and that is the reason why we had some earthquakes in the last couple of days.

A few earthquakes were reported across South Africa since the beginning of this week and no one was sure what caused them. Baloyi reveals that will we experience more earthquakes in our country if things don’t change.

Well, according to Brian Baloyi, the ancestors are turning in their graves, turning their backs on the government.

“They [The ancestors] have been helping our leaders take the right decisions in leading the country since we received democracy. But our current leaders have forsaken the old ways and they are leading the country astray and into the ashes. The ancestors told me in a dream they will turn their backs on us. When they turn their backs on us they move within the earth’s crust and therefore cause earthquakes”. Said Brian Baloyi.

Baloyi revealed that South Africa will have to be cleansed and the leadership should be changed. 3 white cows will have to be slaughtered because the ancestors are very angry, else we won’t see any change.

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