A Hwange man did not hesitate to divorce his wife a day after they tied the knot. The bizarre and scandalous affair came to light when an envelope containing nude  pictures of her having sex with another lover found its way to the HUSBAND’s hands courtesy of an anonymous person.

The embattled woman, Stella Mbwando  confessed to sleeping with her boyfriend only identified as Nyathi two weeks before her wedding to Simbarashe Nheta. Perhaps this was her farewell to the carefree world of singledom.

A mole who is a close friend to Stella said the wedded on 14 September and on 15 September their marriage was over. “He (Nheta) kicked her out after he got hod of the pictures and since then she has went back to her parents’ home. I also hear that he has already instituted proceedings for a legal divorce,” the source said.

The source alleged that the pictures might have been sent by Nyathi. “He did not want her to get married because they have been seeing each other since 2008. I strongly suspect it was a way of getting back at her for going ahead with the wedding. But that kind of behaviour is very selfish. Look at what she has lost.”

The source described the pictures as very graphic. Contacted for comment the soundly distressed Nheta said he was not going back on his decision. “I am done with her. I was busy preparing for the wedding when she was doing this s***. Her relatives have tried to change my mind but I won’t,” he said.

He also confirmed that he had taken up the matter with his lawyers. “There is no way I can live with her so I want to formalise the divorce.”

Stella Mbwando refused to talk about the issue saying she was already stressed. “Please leave me alone I have enough stress,” she said. Nyathi refuted the allegations made by the source and said he was equally shocked by the incident.

“I have nothing to do with the leaking of the pictures and I am very disturbed. I am also sorry for the trouble that it has brought them,” he said.