The UDM leader seems to think Minnie stands a chance, as she apparently doesn’t have ‘political baggage’, and Minnie agrees.
Minnie Dlamini celebrated two million followers on Twitter this past weekend.
On Sunday, Minnie tweeted: “OMG 2 million Followers Thank you guys sending all my love as I leave for my Bachelorette in Paris I love you guys #DiamondSquad.”
Among those who sent her messages of congratulations was UDM leader Bantu Holomisa, who suggested she must run for presidency.
“Congrats for reaching 2 million followers mark. Run for presidency Mhlobo,” he told her.
OMG 2million Followers Thank you guys sending all my love as I leave for my Bachelorettes in Paris I love you guys #DiamondSquad
The general seems to agree with the ANC Women’s League (well, Bathabile Dlamini’s group) that South Africa is ready for a woman president. In fact, Minnie is at an advantage because she apparently does not have “political baggage”.
Responding to a follower who asked if Holomisa was being sarcastic, Holomisa said he was not, explaining that Minnie would definitely win the race, as she was “popular”.
Minnie said it was actually her plan to run for presidency.
“One day is one day,” she told Holomisa.
The general was, of course, joking with Minnie, though some of his followers said that with the way things were going in the country, it was possible to have a TV presenter run for presidency.
Some agreed Minnie would make a great president, suggesting Holomisa must step down and let her take over, while some suggested their preferred female candidates.
These were some of the reactions on Twitter:
“Is 2 million criteria for running for president? Give us a break General.. Soon u will be encouraging AKA to also run.”
“Start by replacing Bobani with a young female!”
“Iyoh Tata. But ngempela you’ll never know,the world keeps on changing. Who would have thought Trump one day will….”
“The last president needed more than 11 million votes to make it. Ungahlomekisi umkhaya wami. That being said, congratulations on 2 million.”
“Futhi singamuvotela.”
“Maybe in USA she has a chance.”