A notorious biker gang member in South Africa allegedly tried to hire Nigerian bouncers and thugs to assault and kill Prophet Bushiri, after the man was exposed during a church service for being a prostitute lover who does not use condoms.

The man, who also uses the alias Antonio Martins, tried to take Major 1 to court, which failed to work, and tried to round up Xenophobic goons to attack the Prophet which also failed.

According to reports on trusted sites, Martins had also setup a team of dirty thinkers with the hope of spreading malicious lies about the Prophet. On his Facebook account, Martin’s even fakes telephone conversations with people, aiming to degrade and humiliate the prophet.

After his wife eventually divorced the man, having learnt that the man is in the habit of engaging in unprotected sexual relations with prostitutes, at least twice a day.

The gang which he hired, were reportedly each promised R100,000 to arrange the murder of the prophet.

However, a night before the hit, the men had dreams which men in white robes told them to leave Major One alone, and they chickened out, before approaching journalists to confess.