When three armed robbers broke into Jan’s farm they were shocked to find him armed and ready too.

Jan was still watching television when intruders broke into his living room. To their surprise Jan was sitting with an automatic weapon ready to shoot but he decided to spare them.

“My weapon is automatic and among three of them they had only one revolver, they knew they don’t stand a chance so they complied”

Jan said he did not want to kill anyone so he challenged them to a bare knuckle fight. This crazy incident took place in the Sabie area in Mpumalanga.

“I locked the weapons safely and ordered them to come at me with everything they got, all three of them. I was alone at the farm and had no kid or wife to worry about. I knocked one out with just one uppercut and they all run in different directions”.

Jan said he had lost faith in the police so he did not bother calling the them. “Calling the police is pointless they will not even charge them”.