FOR FIVE long years, Tshediso worked as a gardener to save lobola for his bride-to-be.
But when Tshediso got home on Monday all his furniture was gone – and so was the money.
“When I got home from work on Monday night, I expected to find dinner waiting for me. Instead I had a shack full of emptiness,” said Tshediso Maja (42) from Khayelitsha, Mangaung, Free State.
He said his girlfriend always complained about vat-en-sit so they agreed to save money to pay lobola.
“I’ve been saving money for five years and have lived with my girlfriend for eight. I wanted to do the right thing by marrying her. When I left in the morning, we were happy. She did nothing suspicious.”
But then he came home to find his bed, the stove, the kitchen unit, the table and chairs, pots and dishes were gone.
Tshediso said he went to the home of his 35-year-old girlfriend’s home but her parents said she hadn’t been there.
By then he was no longer surprised. “When I saw my furniture was missing, I knew the money would be gone as well. I hid it under the bed and she knew where I kept it.
“My neighbours told me they saw her packing my belongings in a bakkie before leaving.”
Tshediso said the lobola negotiations were supposed to take place at the end of this month.
The heartbroken, disappointed man is threatening to curse the woman with muthi if she doesn’t return the money.
“I’m a gardener. I work very hard to save money. She was not working and I trusted her. How can she choose money over me? Maybe she found herself a new boyfriend who promised her something better and they will enjoy my money.
“Now I have to start from the beginning. I didn’t open a case. I want to visit my sangoma and make her bring back everything she stole. I will teach her a lesson.”
He said perhaps she never wanted to give him a child because she was planning to leave him all along.
Tshediso said the woman did not have a cellphone and her family could not be reached.
Police spokeswoman Sergeant Ikobeng Hlubi said: “Tshediso must go to the nearest police station to open a case so we can help him with an investigation.”