A BRITISH woman is regretting her social media “joke” after being roasted for her racist take on Nigerian men.

According to Daily Mail, Joanne Wickenden (23) thought she was just filming herself on Snapchat for a friend when she mocked Nigerian men for their huge 4-5s.

The footage has since been taken down.

Wickenden, who worked as an air steward for British Airways at the time, said on the video how she was on her way to Nigeria. She then said: “All the Nigerians are gonna be there like ‘gimme Coca Cola, gimme beef, why you have no beef left? I want beef. And I’m just gonna be there like, ‘Sorry sir, we ran out of beef’.

“All the Nigerians are gonna be there asking for f****** upgrades because they haven’t got enough leg room because their BBCs [term for black male genitals] are in their way. Big d**** like this swinging from side to side.”

Wickenden further claimed that most African PEN!SES are too long for pleasure – much longer than a 30cm ruler such that one has to first take pain killers and sign a Will before having s3x with a Nigerian man.

Meanwhile, British Airways has since fired her for talking “nonsense”. Here are some of the responses on Twitter: