SELLING ice-cream at the cemetery was the best idea ever, says Brighton Nyoni.

Brighton told Daily Sun he used to sell ice cream in his area of Vlakfontein, south of Joburg but business was tough.

So earlier this year, he came up with the idea of selling it to those visiting the dead – and business is booming!

“I’ve been selling ice cream for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried to sell everywhere, including around schools. This year, I tried something new. I saw buses and cars heading to the cemeteries and followed them.”

His plan worked and in no time, people had bought his entire stock.

“I had to go home and fill the box up again.”

The 30-year-old said since then, he has been going to the cemetery three times a week.

“At first my friends thought it was a joke, but now they are amazed at how much money I make,” he said. “It is almost always hot during the day and funerals start at about 10am.

“That’s when people need something cool.”

He said he doesn’t believe he is doing anything wrong by selling there.

“There are people here who sell cigarettes and other stuff.”

Brighton is looking forward to the day when he owns his own ice-cream depot.

“My dream is to register a business and start making ice cream to employ youth in my community and fight unemployment.”