WHEN a man entered the police station on Wednesday and said it was surrounded by evil spirits, the cops just laughed it off.However, they weren’t laughing later that day when the man returned and set their back offices alight!

Cops from Mangaung Police Station said the 26-year-old man told them he was burning the evil surrounding them.

Two officers were injured during the incident.

A cop, who didn’t want to be named, told Daily Sun: “When the man first came he told us there were a lot of evil spirits surrounding the station.

“He said the problem could be solved if we faced each other while we worked but we told him to go home and rest.

“He later came back with a lighter and set the back offices on fire. A woman was working there when the fire started.

“I think he managed to gain entry over a collapsed wall recently hit by two cars. Cops had to use a fire extinguisher to fight the blaze while awaiting arrival of firefighters.”

Police spokesman Brigadier Motantsi Makhele said a 26-year-old suspect was arrested after being found hiding in the ceiling.

“After the flames were put out, a 26-year-old suspect, who appeared to be mentally disabled, was found hiding in the ceiling.

“ He is expected to appear in court soon on a charge of arson.

“No valuable documents or dockets were damaged in the fire.”

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