MOEKETSI Nduna’s family were cursed with bad luck for three years. They used to fight a lot about small things and wondered what caused all the misunderstanding. But on Monday morning, they got the shock of their lives after finding a dead dog at their doorstep.

And now the Nduna family from Caleb Motshabi kasi in Mangaung believe a curse made them fight.

Moeketsi (62) told Daily Sun: “I had dreams about the dog chasing me and used to see it sitting on one of the couches I put under the tree.

“I used to tell my family I had countless dreams about a dog sitting on a couch making a noise every night and when I told my family, they said I was going mad.

“A lot of people I told about the dream said it was bad luck. I believed it, because one of my kids was kicked out of work for nothing two years ago and since then never got a job.”

He said: “I went to a sangoma about it, who told me we need to do an ancestral ceremony to cleanse the yard. But my family was against it as some are Christians and don’t believe in sangomas. Now we’ve found a dead dog on the doorstep and residents were puzzled about it.“No one in my neighbourhood knows who the dog belongs to and who dumped it.“Some said the family has been cursed, so now they don’t have much choice but to let me do the rituals before it’s too late,” he said. Moeketsi said the dog looked as it had been killed that morning and dumped but after they moved it from the door, it became rotten and had a bad smell. He said he had no choice but listen to locals, who told him to set it alight to destroy the power of evil. Sangoma Mamoya Rakauoane advised the family to do the ceremony becauseshe said the dog symbolised the ancestors and finding a dead dog was a sign that the ancestors had protected them, because someone should have died in the family.

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