A SNAKE researcher is heartbroken after discovering a pile of about 50 snake bodies with clear signs that they had been brutally killed.

According to CBCNews, Neil Balchan is a Canadian varsity student studying the movement of the Manitoba garter snake. This is a harmless snake that seldom grows to more than a meter long.

On Thursday as he was doing field research in a remote area in the south of Canada, he came across the horrific sight of tens of snakes that had clearly been viciously killed by a human.

Some of the bodies of the murdered reptiles were hanging from trees, some half buried, and others that had survived were terribly wounded.

Balchan was quoted in the report as saying: “It looked like somebody had come by and purposefully killed them. Some had their heads cut off … and some were just beaten to death with rocks or stepped on — many of the bodies were mangled or smashed.”

“It was a bit of a mess. There were dead snakes everywhere. It was terrible.

“It looked very much as though these people had just killed whatever they could come across. And they put in a lot of work to find them.

“They don’t mean to hurt anyone, they don’t mean to scare anyone. They’re just trying to get by.”

Garter snakes live on a diet of insects, frogs and worms.

The area where Balchan discovered the snake massacre is not far from the famous Narcisse pits, the winter home of tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes popular with tourists.

Officials said there was nothing they could do about the massacre because the species is not protected by law.

  • Daily Sun