SHE deserted her family about 16 years ago. And now that Elize Ntrantal has died, the tables have turned . . . Her family refuses to accept her body!

“She left us more than 16 years ago. So it’s okay. You can proceed with the burial without us,” read the family elders’ message to Elize’s concerned neighbours.

The 51-year-old mum of one died at her home in Turffontein, south of Joburg, last Saturday.

When she fell sick months ago, her neighbours took care of her and her 10-year-old daughter.

She gave them names of her family members in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

And when she died, the neighbours found her niece on Facebook.They sent her a picture of Elize and the niece confirmed it was her aunt.

The niece passed the message on to the family elders.

Their response was that they should bury her and take care of the young girl.

Constance Nyathi (41) told Daily Sun officials won’t allow them to bury Elize without the family’s consent.

In one of the posts, the niece responds: “Please tell them (officials) you have informed the family.”

Another neighbour, Caroline Meyer (46), said they needed help with the burial.

Juriel Booysen, Elize’s sister, said it had been a long time since she last spoke to or saw Elize.

“When will she be buried again? I might come.”

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