WHEN most people hear about a father and son love triangle, the response is usually a mixture of shock and disgust.Family ties can cause dramatic tension if the love triangle is the parent and child as romantic rivals, but there is no doubt that this will be an ideal script for a really juicy soap opera.

This is the scenario that recently unfolded in the potato growing area of Bende in Nyanga where the father and son are dipping in the same well and have been sleeping with the same woman.

So intriguing is the drama that both father and son are claiming paternity of the new Mtetwa family member, with the woman at the centre of the drama, Tsitsi Chekete (24), confirming to have slept with the two.

She boldly stated that she was in-between the sheets with the man who was supposed to be her father-in-law, Gilbert Mtetwa (57) on seven different occasions, while her husband was sweating it out in Chimoio, Mozambique where he is employed.

The confession of his father sleeping with his wife sent Gibson (22) into a rage. He beat the hell out of him, but it seems he stroked the love ambers between the two, with Gibson’s step-mother, Mary Chihota who spilled the beans, saying the two love birds (Gilbert and Tsitsi) are still an item and continue having quality time whenever Gibson is away.

Having had enough of the three lovers’ shenanigans, Chihota decided to let the cat of the bag and dragged them to Chief Saunyama’s court last Friday.

Narrating the macabre real life drama, Chihota, said Gibson left for “greener pastures” in Mozambique in August last year, leaving behind his wife. She said the two had just married when Gibson left.

“My husband became so close to our daughter-in-law. They spent most of the time together, be it in the fields, accompanying her to the grinding mill or in the bushes fetching firewood.

“When I confronted my hubby, he claimed that he was just helping our daughter-in-law to overcome loneliness since her husband was away. The two were just inseparable and you could tell that gaiety was all over the place because of their endless laughter.

“My suspicions were confirmed when I caught them making love. My discovery brought more misery to me as I was beaten to a pulp by my husband for disturbing their quality time.

“I told my husband that what he had done was taboo, but he just brushed the issue aside. He proceeded to build a kitchen hut for our daughter-in-law which they were now using as their love nest,” she said.

Chihota said she temporarily abandoned her homestead for Harare after failing to come to terms with the bizarre father-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship.

“I left the two at home and went to Harare. This was after I had engaged my brother to intervene, but he was threatened with lightning if he dared intervene,” she said.

Gibson also confirmed that he had assaulted his father for sleeping with his wife.

“When I came back from Mozambique in December, I was informed that my own father was sleeping with my wife. I confronted him and he confirmed the relationship. I was so angry and assaulted him.

“We later smoked the peace pipe because we wanted the issue to be solved among ourselves. I know that my father is claiming paternity of the girl my wife recently gave birth to, but I am the actual father because when I brought her home she was already one-month pregnant.

“My wife claims that she was raped by my father and I resolved to forgive him. I still love my wife and very soon I will be leaving for Mozambique. I will leave her behind.

“I don’t think my father will continue sleeping with her because I gave him a thorough hiding,” he said.

However, this was shot down by a heavily bandaged Chihota who claimed that she was recently bashed by her husband after confronting him about his continuous sleeping with Chekete despite the presence of her (Chekete)’s husband.

Chekete said: “Yes, I slept with my father-in-law seven times. He raped me, but I did not make a police report. I did not want to cause my father-in-law’s arrest.”

However, in an interview, Chekete said the whole issue had the blessings of her mother-in-law, Chihota whom she said approached her saying her husband wanted a second wife and she was the ideal candidate.

“I don’t know why this issue spilled into the public domain because my mother-in-law initially was for the idea. She even told me that we could have duties in sleeping with him,” she said.

Appearing before Chief Saunyama, Gilbert confessed having an affair with Chekete.

“When my son left for Mozambique, he left his wife with virtually nothing and I took over the responsibility of providing for her. During that time I did not know my son’s whereabouts.

“As the father it was my duty to look after my daughter-in-law. It is true that I constructed a house for her and we have been sleeping together regularly. When my son came back I told him the truth and he said he was prepared to take his wife back.

“The child is mine and I will not stop ‘helping’ my daughter-in-law when the need arises. I have not also turned my back on my wife and to me it is business as usual,” he said, drawing laughter from villagers whom some had travelled more than 15km to hear the case.

When he was asked by Acting Chief Saunyama if he was aware that what he did was taboo (makunakuna) and would bring misfortune to the area, Gilbert, answered: “I don’t know it is makunakuna. I was just helping my daughter-in-law.”

Chief Saunyama ordered him to pay a fine of two beasts and two goats, but to the shock of everyone present at the court, Gilbert said he only had a donkey which he wanted to use as the fine in place of the beasts.

He also ordered to pay his wife $100 and a goat for the injuries he had inflicted on her.

Chief Saunyama also advised Chihota to seek police intervention and report a domestic violence case against her husband.

“I do not have any beasts, save for a donkey.

“The beasts at my place belong to my mother who disappeared in a river years back,” said Gilbert, sending the court into raucous laughter.