Speaking in Pretoria on Sunday afternoon, president Zuma lashed out on his critics and spoke his heart out.
Zuma says he is tired of people blaming him for every wrong thing happening in this country.
“People don’t know how it is being black. They do not know the struggle of being black and they make stupid comments. They always go nywe nywe… nywe nywe… saying things they do not know. When the sun is hot they blame me, when it rains they also blame me. Am I god? I am getting tired of this.
“I am actually the first president to give this country it’s first black president experience. Not that I do not honour them, but Mandela and Mbeki were coconuts. They were too perfect. They didn’t lead as real black men. You should be thanking me for this experience. The people voted for me because they wanted a first black president, and here I am.” An obviously angry and frustrated Zuma said.