Originally by BMetro

A family from Old Lobengula has been existing in a living hell all because of a bizarre flower for half a year. The flower is believed to emit mysterious sounds during the night, compelling tenants  to flee the house.

The ‘supernatural’ flower, popularly known as “umqhele” crown of thorns, reportedly scared off tenants who once resided at the house. They claimed that they heard unnatural sounds during the night.

A neighbor preferred anonymity alluded that, “A number of tenants have come and gone claiming that they fail to sleep as there will be scary sounds.

“The owner of the house stays at her rural home and in February when she came to collect her rentals she found the house empty after the tenants had left following the weird sounds.

“They told us that the sounds they were hearing at night were not of cats as we assumed, but at times it was like that of goats or snakes.

“They said they failed to sleep at night as the sounds were disturbing and to make matters worse, they once woke up and checked outside, but never saw anything though they kept hearing the sounds coming from the flowers,” said the source.