The most terrifying thought in the head of any parent is to find their pre-adolescent child doing drugs. A scarier thought is that the child will be both doing drugs and also a mule for drug dealers.

In Cape Town, a 12 year old girl has been arrested for possession of 48 packets of methamphetamines, commonly known as tik. The drugs were hidden in her underwear.
The girl was arrested when the City’s SHU ( Social Housing Unit) in conjunction with SAPS searched 7 rental stock units in Scottsdene.

A 23-year-old male was also arrested after being found in possession of one packet of tik during the raid.
The girl’s case is the second incident recently where a female was arrested for concealing drugs in her underwear.
Late last month a 61-year-old woman was arrested in a council-owned flat in Manenberg when Metro police officers found 170 mandrax tablets wrapped in foil and R694 in cash hidden in her underwear.

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