A controversial prophet from Zimbabwe has claimed that he spent the whole of last week going to eat breakfast in heaven with God, Jesus, Mary and Elijah.

According to the popular cleric God the father, also called Jehova, loves drinking Rooibos tea with cold milk.

“God is not a man who likes juice. He does not like orange juice, or any other cold drink” the cleric said.

“He likes hot drinks. He likes Hot chocolate, especially Milo made by Nestle in South Africa.” the prophet added.

“But his absolute favourite is rooibos tea. He drinks that like a maniac”

“In fact, his breakfast portion is always bottomless rooibos tea, which is usually served by Gabriel.”

The prophet, T Madungwe, has become very popular for these absurd claims.

Last month he claimed he beat up God in a wrestling match by delivering a batista bomb.