THE burdens of job seeking have been cut, thanks to Google’s new search engine.

Recently, the company launched a job search experience that allows users to see a streamlined collection of local jobs.

From the list, job seekers can select the preferred industry and can research any category of their choice.

The search engine is able to pick up where the search was left off if one runs out of data. To continue, one has to reload and continue.

Using Google Maps integration, job seekers can also search for jobs in any place they can find on the map.

And if they’re signed in, they can even see how long it would take to commute from home to the job.

The company said the launch formed part of an existing commitment in sub-Saharan Africa to improve economic opportunities for job seekers.

Google South Africa director Luke Mckend said: “This new search experience will help millions search for new opportunities.

“It will be a key driver for connecting job seekers to open opportunities.”

The company invited all job sites, platforms and employers to join.