Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe this weekend spend in South Africa’s lofty suburbs of Sandton, at the home of Robert Mugabe’s secret business partner (name supplied).

According to information from well placed sources, Grace Mugabe’s two children, Robert Junior, and Bellamine Chatunga live with the said gentleman in Sandton.

The weekend getaway, was explained to the President as a visit to see the children, and see how they are coping with their studies, but sources close to aides of the first lady claimed that it was more than just that.

Grace Mugabe has over the years been fingered in sex scandals with businessman James Makamba, former RBZ Govenor Gideon Gono, the late businessman Peter Pamire, and a number of aides of hers who have always shown up dead.

In Zimbabwe’s traditional Shona culture, it is improper for a married woman to visit any man at his home, even if the man is a family friend.

According to the same sources, the same businessman whom Grace spent 3 nights with, is also the same businessman whom Grace shares several business interests with, including the much debated Harare – Chirundu road rehabiliation project, and the Beitbridge – Harare roads.