Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe has expressed disgust and worry that women are at a greater risk of suffering from cervical cancer, while their male counterparts do not share the same risk

‘This is what i mean when i say life is unfair, and that the girl child does not have any rights at all. It simply proves that someone is up to mischief.’ she complained

‘If you look at it with a trained eye of a qualified Doctor, like me, you will understand that it is men who hate us feminists who are doing this’ she added

‘All throughout the country, girls suffer from cervical cancer, and even breast cancer, while boys walk away scott free’

‘Our constitution should be amended so that both girls and boys suffer from the same diseases, as it is unfair that only girls have a high chance of getting pregnant’ said a frothing Dr Amai

Grace, who has a doctorate, has developed a reputation of telling the naked truth.

Just a few weeks ago, she told supporters that girls had a high chance of getting pregnant than boys.

A few days later it was reported that she told students to work hard, as those that work hard and study medicine will become doctors.