MZWAKHE Nyembe (33) from Tembisa, Ekurhuleni can’t live a normal life because he doesn’t have an ID.
Mzwakhe’s problems started in 2003 when he applied for an ID – but when he went to collect it, he was told it was missing.
He has been reapplying since then with no luck.
And in 2013 he had a real shock.
Reapplying for his ID at Germiston Home Affairs office, he was told the information on the system was his, but with the information was the photograph of another man.
Mzwakhe has lost his job because he can’t open a bank account.
He can’t apply for another one, he said, and he feels as if he is not a South African citizen anymore.
Now he is unemployed, broke and says without an ID he is as good as dead.
Home Affairs spokesman Thabo Mokgola said the Gauteng manager would contact Mzwakhe and resolve the matter soon.