Tomorrow is Black Friday and we want to give you a few tips to survive the stampede!While it’s an exciting day, please don’t shop until you drop.

Bag your belongings

Make sure you take a handbag or wallet that you can strap around your waist or hang like a sash over your body. That way you will not lose something if you get bumped. You will also be less of an easy target for tsotsis – pickpockets and bag thieves who love crowds.

Cash is not always king

Today is the day you just use your prepaid debit card. When you’re rushed and squashed, it is harder to track all your bank notes – and cash is more tempting to grab while cards need PINs.

Where is your water?

Being in crowds and swept up with all the deals and people and shouting and pushing can make you hot and sweaty which means you’re losing water – especially if you will be shopping the whole day! Stay hydrated!

Sensible shoes

Wear comfortable shoes. You will be spending hours walking and shopping and waiting in long queues. Be sensible in choosing the right pair of shoes. Also keep in mind people will push and pull and step on your toes more often than not. Closed, comfortable shoes is a wise choice.

Patience, please

For your own mental and physical wellbeing, try to stay calm. Have patience and be the best human being you can be. Deals come and go so don’t lose your temper, scream, shout and freak out . . .

Don’t do anything you may regret later. If you feel the pressure building up inside you, step aside or outside for a minute and collect yourself.

Watch out for your kids!

If you have to take your kids with, KEEP AN EYE on them!

It is a horrible fact that child trafficking is a big criminal industry in Mzansi and it is easy to lose little ones in a crowd. There are always evil people lurking who want to steal kids, and what better time than the craziness of today, when your attention is distracted.

Rather leave them home or in the care of someone trustworthy.

Happy shopping!