Almost every South African knows by now that President Zuma struggles a lot whit numbers. To help him, the government has hired a young genius from India.

A 14-year-old maths prodigy who is already in varsity has been hired by the South African government to teach President Jacob Zuma Mathematics.

Wajih Ahmed , who is  one of the India’s youngest ever undergraduates, is currently studying economics at the University of Southampton.

Wajih finished grade 12 in 2012, and is now doing his fifth year in a seven year course. He is willing to help the president for FREE, but his parents insisted he takes the money the South African government is willing to pay him.

The South African government revealed it will be paying Wajih R120 000 a month to teach president Zuma how to add, calculate,and pronounce numbers. The young man is expected to help the president for 12 months.

Wajih won’t have to move to South Africa, all lessons with the president will be conducted on Skype.

The government is still to reveal more.

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  • National News Bulletin