Spirit Embassy pastor and self styled prophet Ubert Angel has come under fire for his underwear prophecies. People who have watched a video clip of one of his services where he tells women what colour of underwear they are wearing feel he is dragging prophecy down the gutter.
“You were wearing pink underwear and used a condom in the first round but in the second round you used nothing because there was no more condom to use.” Angel told a congregant.
It is just one of a series of ‘prophecies’ by Angel.
“I am now focusing on these types of prophecies because God told me to focus on that. I am Jesus’ young brother, and I do whatever my father and older brother tell me to do. If they tell me to sleep under a bridge, I will do so. But right now they want to know what colour if panties people are wearing, so I say it.
“I hope Zodwa WaBantu will come to our church soon, so I can look under her dress.”