A couple has been arrested following accusations of cooking a man’s p3nis

after the husband caught his wife’s suspected rapist, cut off his p3nis, and forced him to eat it.

Bheki Mohlala admitted to cutting off a man’s p3nis after he discovered he raped his wife on her way home from work on Friday night last week.

“I got off the bus on my way home from work ; and this man started following me. He followed me for some time and when I got to a dark area he came and grabbed me and r_aped me. I saw his face and I realised I know him but I was afraid to say his name because I knew he would kill me, so I just kept quite. When I got him I told my husband, he did not want to go to the police, sating he would solve this problem himself.” Mohlala’s wife said.

He woke up early on Saturday and went to the man’s house, tired him to a tree, hacked off his p3nis,bcooked it, and forced him to eat it. Mohlala said he carried out the cannibalistic ritual to “cure his heartache”.

The SAPS is still investigating. The rapist is still alive and was admitted to a government hospital in Johannesburg.