JOYCE Hlungwani (45) and her friends were in the house when they heard blood-curdling screams. They rushed outside and found a giant snake about to attack four children. The incident happened in Ntlhaveni Village outside Malamulele in Limpopo on Thursday.

Joyce said she used sticks and rocks to kill the snake. A 10-year-old boy told Daily Sun they were playing outside when they saw the charging rock python.

“We screamed for help,” he said.

Joyce added: “I was scared to death, but I took a big stick and fought the python.

“It was angry. I hit it four times on the head and it died instantly.”

The neighbours came to help Joyce but she had already finished off the snake.

Tinyiko Ngoveni (35) said: “We burned it to ashes.”

SPCA inspector Moloko Manaka said: “We condemn the killing of animals as it is considered animal cruelty.

“When people see snakes they must call snake catchers or nature conservation people to come and take the snake away.”

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