EVERY morning at 2am, these residents are woken by the cries of a ghostly women.
When the people of Khayelitsha in Mangaung go out to check who is screaming, they find nothing.
They said the cries, which started in January, made it difficult for them to go back to sleep. They said they had come to believe they were hearing a ghost.
Resident Nontsikelelo Maphi (35) said: “One day, I opened the window and saw a woman wearing a cow skin and carrying a child on her back.
“Maybe it’s a woman who died a long time ago and her family never collected her spirit.”
Nontsikelelo said she never heard the voice over the weekend.
“It only happens on weekdays. She starts crying at 2am and she doesn’t stop until 5am.”
Sangoma Ndabazomoya Sotshononda said residents were hearing the spirit of someone who wasn’t free.
The sangoma said: “The family should have collected her spirit when she died and directed it to its final resting place. The dead woman’s relatives need to be called.”