A 38 year old Limpopo woman shocked police officers on Friday morning when she arrived at the Polokwane police station with private parts of a man she claims tried to rape her 11 daughter at school.

The package, which consisted of a tiny penis and a sack of small balls was in a Shoprite plastic bag when the lady arrived at the police station to open a rape case and use it as evidence.

The name of the woman has been withheld by the SAPS as they are still busy with investigations, but it has been revealed that the man who is accused of trying to rape the woman’s daughter is a 42 year primary school teacher in Tzaneen. He teaches at the school the young girl goes to.

According a relative of the woman, the young girl told her mother a couple of times that the teacher loves calling her to the staff room and he would touch her when they are alone. He was caught redhanded on Friday morning by another teacher, who then called other teachers and the mother of the child.

They called the police, but they then decided to take the matter into their own hands when the police delayed. The mother went straight for the teacher’s private parts and chopped them off with a kitchen knife she brought from home.

It is said that the man has been put in ICU as his situation is very critical. His bag of balls and small penis will be reatached if he does not die. But doctors reveal that he will never get an erection again.
According to the SAPS in Polokwane, the woman has been charged with attempted murder.

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