Two man from Hazyview in Mpumalanga Numbi gate of the Kruger National Park grabbed the wrong piece of land inside the Kruger National Park on the banks of eNkambeni river.
The two started their illegal subsistence farm a month ago claiming they are doing what the EFF leader Julius Malema had advised, “You see an empty piece of land and you like it, take it”.
The free land stupidity came to an end after a lion killed one of the illegal farmers and left the little maize field full of blood stains.
The surviving member is now in police custody and scared to death after witnessing his friend get killed.
“The lion killed and ate my friend’s legs and bum in front of me, the whole land grabbing thing, this thing was his idea so we can feed our families.”
Authorities are warning people to avoid getting killed by illegally occupying land. “A few weeks ago some people were killed trespassing in a farm, and this is yet another incident caused by this land grabbing frenzy”