A recent study conducted by the South African Mental Institute revealed that the most painful thing ever in the history of mankind is listening to a speech by Julius Malema. Listening to a speech by Malema is actually more painful than childbirth, the study revealed.

The group of researchers compiled the report based on Malama’s recent speeches that he said to the public while throwing gang signs in the air, which according to them made no sense at all.

Malema was recently all over the news saying things like:

-We will collapse the ANC and its history
-We are not drunkards, nyaope delinquents
-We will never accept money from white people
-We want the ANC to reform under a new name

In less than two weeks, Malema has said  a whole lot of other things that can make the listener cry in pain, the study revealed.

Other people like Robert Mugabe and Donald Trump came far behind Malema, according to the study.