Minister of Home Affairs in South Africa Miss. Hlengiwe Mkhize announced on Monday night that her department is working on a new system that will force all South African men to have the name “John” as their middle name.
This according to Mkhize is meant to make it simple to distinguish between men and women in South Africa.
“If someone has the name John, we will know he’s a man. If someone does not have that name, he or she is a woman.” she said.
“It will also help identify South African men from men of other countries. If your middle name is John, you are South African. If not, you are either Zimbabwean or something else.” she continued.
ID cards printed for all men from next month will have the name John included in them. Men who already have ID cards and their cards do not reflect the name “John” will have to visit their nearest Home Affairs offices to have this issue sorted.
“We decided on the name John because it is common every in our country. Zulus, Tshongas, and even Ndebeles use it. It is also a biblical name, a lot of men in the bible had the name John and that was wonderful. All South African men will have this name as their middle name. So, if someone is currently Sammy Smith, his name will change to Sammy John Smith, if you name is Themba Mkhize, you will be Themba John Mkhize.” Mkhize said.