An employee of the famous Hector Pieterson Museum in Orlando was arrested this morning, for allegedly having sex with several sculptures from the establishment’s collection, including one representing President Zuma.

57-year old married Sipho Mdaka, who works as a cleaner for the institution, is accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with at least 17  models since June 2016. Zuma’s sculpture arrived at the museum in January but it has been molested over eighty times,sometimes four times a day.

The museum’s staff had noticed that many figures had been damaged over the last few months. After checking out the footage from the various security cameras, they saw some very disturbing scenes.

According to the SBPS:

“The man kept drilling holes in the various sculptures’ abdomen before engaging in sexual intercourse with them,This is certainly one of the strangest and most disturbing crimes I have ever seen!” said Brown of the Soweto Police Station.

Mdaka now faces several charges of criminal mischief, criminal tampering and indecent exposure, punishable by a maximum of 54 years in prison.

The 57-year old has a history of mental health problems and has been committed on multiple occasions to psychiatric hospitals.

Asked why he molested the president’s sculpture, Mdaka told the SAPS that it always turns him on as it has got a great ass.

Source: Online