You stink and it turns me off!

A crude Bulawayo man allegedly leveled these allegations against his wife claiming that he would never sleep with her because of her body odour.

This emerged at the Bulawayo Civil court where Regina Dube was suing her husband Benson Dube for verbal and physical abuse. Regina said because of the ‘smelly accusations’ she was no longer sharing blankets with her husband who is also in the habit of demeaning her in front of their children aged 25, 20 and 11 years old by allegedly telling them about her ‘smelly’ private parts.

“Benson is my husband and we are married in terms of the Marriage Act Chapter 5:11. He is abusive towards me especially when he is drunk. He is always insulting me with my private parts in the presence of our children and neighbors. He drinks a lot and is known at a number of shebeens in the suburb. At times when he goes out drinking he comes back home after three days. The other thing is that he is always insulting me saying I stink and after having se_xual intercourse he goes around talking to his friends about it. The situation is now tense as we are no longer sharing blankets,” she said.

Regina further claimed that her husband was also chasing her out of their matrimonial home apparently for disturbing fresh air in the house. Benson in his response, told presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova that his wife was lying. “Part of what she said is not true. It is not true that when we have se_xual intercourse I go and tell is also not true that I am also verbally and physically threatening her with her private parts. She is the one abusing me by denying me my conjugal rights,” he said.

In his ruling the magistrate however, ordered the respondent (Benson) not to insult his wife with obscene language or chase her out of the matrimonial house before referring them for counselling.

Source-B Metro