Andy “Handy” Doodler, the man with the world’s smallest penis has received over 10,000 marriage proposals after several websites and tabloids did a story on him.

Doodler, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, had stated in the article that he had been practically teased to death while in schol, especially during showers after sports, until he saw an ad showing a fake penis that fits right over your smaller one.

However, when Andy called the company requesting information, they told him they were no longer for sale because most people returned them, saying they cut off their circulation.

“They were afraid that they would be sued so they recalled all of them”, stated Andy. “So I told them that I had the world’s tiniest penis. I even had to take Viagra to avoid pissing on my shoes. So they finally sold me one and then I ordered twelve more.

Andy explained that he fitted the whoppers fine and had no problems with his circulation.

Andy was then pictured with his 13 varieties in the articles.

“Now I get more mail and e-mails than anybody in the city. I’m a very happy man and will be getting married just as soon as I find that certain someone among the 10,000. But I’m going to force myself to give each one a date first because personality counts too…and big boobs!”