IT seems Dangamvura high-density suburb and bizarre incidents are inseparable. The sprawling suburb has of late been in the news for the wrong reasons. As the ink for the dockets of suspected serial housebreakers and rapists is still to dry, another man pulled a shocker by dressing like a woman for unknown reasons.

However, luck ran out of Comfort Mandivenga after being arrested in the wee hours of Saturday morning by alert members of the Neighbourhood Watch Committee.

Like last Wednesday morning when the suburb’s residents besieged Dangamvura Police Station baying for the alleged serial rapists’ blood, scores of residents brought business to a halt at the police station to catch a glimpse of the man, who, just like his name, looked comfortable and was smartly dressed in woman clothes after he had been arrested by members of the Neighbourhood Watch Committee for pretending to be a lady of the night.

With serial rapists roaming the community in recent months, alert officers on patrol nabbed Mandivenga who apparently looked “hot” in ladies wear.

In arresting him, one of the officers mistakenly placed his hand on his “breasts” only to realise that he had touched balled pieces of cloth.

Officer-in-charge, Chief Inspector Chigede, said Mandivenga was quizzed soon after his arrest as they suspected that he might have sinister motives in dressing like a woman.

“After thoroughly interrogating him, we found out that he was just acting weirdly. When he was asked why he had put on ladies’ clothes, he said something just pushed him to do so. He seemed confused,” he said.

Mandivenga was dressed to kill from top to bottom.

With black pumps and matching pulling socks plus a knee-high school skirt, Mandivenga looked hot and elegant.

He completed the wardrobe with a red sports jacket, white bra and a black top with tying laces. A white chain made from beads was rolled around the neck.

He carefully applied some facials and lipstick.

Cunning rapists and robbers disguise themselves as ladies of the night and pounce on prospective clients at night clubs whom they l ure from the entertainment joints.