A NIGERIAN man convinced that his wife had boyfriends stabbed his four kids and domestic worker to death before killing himself.

According to Punch, the tragedy happened last Saturday in a village in Idemili North, southern Nigeria.

Stephen Nnadiogo (47) and his wife Chika Nnadiogo (32) apparently had a very stormy relationship as he was crazily jealous of her and believed she had affairs.

Chika reportedly would get back at him by telling him that he wasn’t the biological father of their kids and that she had to have affairs because he was impotent.

On that fateful day, Chika had been in her medicine shop at about 8.45pm and had left her four kids at home with Nnadiogo.

According to an unnamed source: “On Saturday, as the wife left their house for her medicine store in the evening, with their four children left behind, her husband called the children one after the other. He observed their face closely and thereafter began to stab them with a knife.”

The children were aged between two and 10.

He then chased the domestic worker around the house before killing her.

“He hid himself in one of the rooms in the four-storeyed building where they lived and took his own life by taking poison.

“Before he killed himself, he said ‘Let Chika now go and stay with the biological father of her children,’” the source added.

The Anambra State cop spokeswoman, Nkeiruka Nwode, is quoted in the report as saying: “I was at the scene of the incident yesterday and today. For now, I can’t give a comprehensive report of what happened. Whatever happened is inexplicable. It is better we wait for the medical reports to provide additional details. It was said that the man just left a psychiatric hospital in Arochukwu, Abia State.”