Originally by The Chronicle

A Nkayi man allegedly killed his 3 year old disabled son and buried him in a shallow grave after a prophet had told him that the boy was a goblin masquerading as a toddler.

Jeremaya Sibanda (39) of Sikhobokhobo village allegedly struck his son, Forgiveness using a blunt object on the head killing him instantly then buried him in the backyard to hide evidence.

According to the state ,Sibanda was left at home by his wife (Accurate) who had tasked him to look after their son while she went to do laundry at a nearby waterway.

After he departure,  Sibanda hatched a plan to kill his disabled son, he struck him with a blunt object and he died on the spot.

Sibanda left the body lying on the floor in the dining room and followed his wife.“After committing the offence, the accused person followed his wife to inform her about the death. Upon arrival, Accurate queried her son’s death and demanded an explanation from her husband after discovering that the toddler was bleeding through the nose, mouth and ears,” said Ms Ngwenya.

Sibanda threatened to kill his wife if she spilled the beans on what had happened.

The following day, Sibanda took the body to the bathroom and bathed it in a tub before wrapping it in a blanket. He then dug a shallow grave at their backyard and buried the body.

“In their bid to conceal the murder, Sibanda told his wife to go back to her rural home in Binga and return after three years,” said Ms Ngwenya.

Upon the wife’s arrival in Binga, she informed her mother Ms Lucia Nyoni and a report was made to police leading to Sibanda’s arrest.

Accurate said her husband claimed their son was a goblin.

“My husband never liked our son because of his condition to an extent that he believed that he was a goblin after prophets told him so. He killed our son, saying he could not continue keeping a goblin,” she said.

In his defence through his lawyer, Mr Byron Sengweni of Sengweni Legal Practice, Sibanda said he was advised by prophets to kill his son because they told hi