Minister of Water and Sanitation in South Africa made a shocking confession yesterday while she tried to address the water issue South Africa is currently facing.
In what seems to be a failed attempt to encourage South Africans to save tap water by drinking other forms of liquids, Minister Nomvula Mokonyane told news reporters that people don’t always have to drink water from the tap. “Any form of liquid can help you when you are thirsty and stressed.” She said.
The minister recalled a time when she and a friend and their dog got lost in the mountains of Bloemfontein when they were young. There were no rivers or dams nearby. So, after circling for almost a day without finding their way back home, they ended up drinking dog pee.
“We were so stressed, we really did not know what to do anymore. So when our dog peed, we drank it’s urine. And the stress was gone instantly. And we were able to find our way back home. What am I saying? If you are stressed, maybe try it out, that can also help save a lot of water ” she said with a smile.