The people in Zimbabwe have decided that even if Robert Mugabe dies, they will create a statue in the image of the nonagenarian.

The statue, made of blood diamonds and gold from the disputed Chiadzwa region will become the official President on the day Mugabe dies.

Grace Mugabe, the current miracle first lady, who keeps performing miracles will become the spirit medium who tells the country what the statue wants.

Grace Mugabe has been deemed the perfect fit for the job of translating what the statue wants because she keeps performing miracles.

She performed a miracle, transforming from a mere typist to become the ruler of Zimbabwe by proxy.

She has performed another miracle by bearing kids with Robert, despite reports that his ‘you know whats’ were electrocuted.

She then performed another miracle, by becoming the first person to get a PhD within two months.

Who else would be the perfect fit for the job of stone interpreter. And since Zimbabweans love Mugabe so much, it would preserve his rule on the country.

The statue will be designed by Dominic Benhura most likely, the same guy who made an ugly one last year and blamed it on art.