DEBRA Dzagani (33) used to have a good relationship with her neighbour. But now there is no love lost between them!

Debra said it all started when the two of them and a friend of her neighbour all lost their contracts at a construction company. They all stayed home in Mavuso in Mamelodi, Tshwane.

But after two weeks, Debra found work at the company where her neighbour’s boyfriend works.

She told Daily Sun that when she came back from work on Thursday, she found her 12-year-old daughter crying. She said their neighbour and her friend tried to hit her with a kettle, spade, brick and steel rod.

Debra confronted the women. “My neighbour said my daughter spilled dirty water in her yard. Before I could apologise they insulted me!”

And as she was walking into her shack,she says a brick hit her on the back. “When I turned around my neighbour was shouting, ‘Resign bi**h, resign, you cannot work at the same place as my boyfriend.’ We went to the police station,” she said.

But cops only warned the women. “I was disappointed. I wanted them arrested,” she said. One of the other women said the fighting was sparked by Debra, who stood up for her daughter. “Her child did me wrong and I lost my temper. I regret it now,” she said.

Silverton police spokesman Captain Jan Sepato said the officers were wrong not to open a case.

“They should see the station commander,” he said.

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