The man who caused caused chaos in Limpopo last week Friday when he robbed police officers is believed to be the same man behind yesterday’s attack on two police officers whom he subsequently robbed.

The suspect who is still at large was only carrying a nail clipper when he ambushed two officers manning a local police station in Polokwane. The two officers are said to have been assessing evidence, taking a few drags of confiscated ‘woonga’ to test its strength.

Other officers were out for their lunch break.

Witnesses who had walked into the station for assistance say they had never seen anything like this before. He told the two officers to step out of the evidence room brandishing a nail clipper.

The man allegedly tied the officers with their shoe laces, before going into the evidence room to loot more of the same drug.

“He shouted at the officers to get out. They became scared and jumped out of the evidence room.

“The man then walked into the evidence room where he stuffed drugs into his bag, and lit one ‘joint’. The next thing we saw him walking out of the station,” said one of the witnesses.

The SAPS requests those with information to please come forward so that this criminal can be arrested. People are warned to not approach the suspect as he is armed and dangerous.