The ANCWL has denied reports that its president delivered a speech while drunk. Earlier this week, reports emerged that Social Development Minister and League President Bathabile Dlamini addressed a crowd while allegedly drunk in Germiston on Friday.

The league’s spokesperson Toko Xasa said earlier today ;” Bathabile was not drunk, she just looks like this. You get those people who look very drunk, even when they are not….you know. Bathabile is one of them. Google her pictures, you will see what I am talking about.”

To also defend herself, Dlamini  told journalists that this is not the first time she is accused of being drunk. She is used to it, it started while she was in primary school. Teachers and other learners used to accuse her of coming to school drunk.

“This is why I think I lost my first job. I get that a lot, people always think I am drunk. Believe me, my face just looks like this and I was born this way. You must see me in the morning when I wake up, I’m worse. And sometimes, I do sound drunk. I’m used to it though. Next time when you see me looking like this, don’t think I am drunk. I’m just being me.” Bathabile Dlamini said.

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