THOMAS THOUGHT it was love when he gave beautiful Mantsoe a place to stay.

Until he caught her rubbing hippo fat and muthi below her belly button . . .


Thomas Sebopela (60), a truck driver from Rabie Ridge, near Tembisa, Ekurhuleni tells the story of a lonely man who picked up a young woman and offered her a place to stay.

He gave her the chance to work in his shack and take care of his children when he was away from home.

“She had no place to stay. She was beautiful and I couldn’t resist her, especially sharing the same bed. It was hard. I fell in love with her,” he said.

Then they had sex and Thomas could no longer deny his feelings.

“I loved her more,” he said.

As far as Thomas was concerned they were in love and in a relationship – until he caught her with the muthi.

He said he bust his lover smearing muthi below her belly button near her punani, so he took the muthi and asked a sangoma what was in the small bottles.

“The sangoma told me the fat in the bottle was from a hippo mixed with muthi, which makes a man pop money out of his wallet and buy anything the lady wants.”

She left one day when he wasn’t there, and took some of his belongings.

Heartbroken and confused, Thomas said he did everything for her.

“She asked for money I didn’t have but I would borrow money from a mashonisa to make her happy.

“I used to support her and her parents in Lesotho. She took the money I was saving to build a shop in my village in Limpopo.”

He said when he came home one day from work and discovered R5 000 was gone from his wardrobe, he laid charges against her at Rabie Ridge Police Station.

When he found Mantsoe at a nearby tavern on Friday he took her to the police station but cops told him he needed to bring more evidence.

Domestic worker Mantsoe Simelane (28) told Daily Sun she took the money from her sugar daddy as payment.

“I was working for him and at the same time he was my husband.

“He was not paying me enough so I took his money.

“I used the muthi for my own personal reasons and not to be loved by a man.”

Is Mantsoe prepared to go back to her life with Thomas?

“If he wants to speak to me he can go to the police,” she said.

Rabie Ridge police spokesman, Captain Mofana Masela, said police are investigating a case of theft.

No one has been arrested and police are still investigating.