When will men stop lying to seem attractive and relevant? “I’m going through a divorce,” is still my favourite lie. If it’s not buying XXL condoms for a baby penis, it’s going to China to buy fake brands then selling them on Instagram.

Yes, your boy who dates celebrities only to insult them and Lebo was spotted in the dirty markets of Guangzhou in China.

Of course, that’s when men are not lying about sleeping with young boys, young girls and the wife, or the ex-lover they bump into on trips.

A man called Ntobeko Rosie still impersonates me by calling PR companies for invites when not wearing women’s clothes and withdrawing their money with their stolen cards.

Men are trash, they say! What are we to do about lying men who are convinced they aren’t enough and resort to fabricating?

Send them off to initiation school?

Don’t get me started on the inconsistencies of the Eskimo Enquiry.

Some men lie about their penis size, inevitably making you an accomplice as you have to pretend it’s huge and hurting you.

Ladies, remember that his lies don’t just impact the immediate family. Stop him lying then he will stop spreading his HIV and Aids.

Lies will stop the entire family being evicted from home all because daddy isn’t as wealthy as his Instagram pictures.

When will men realise they are enough?

If it’s not silly boys running around pretending to be prophets, it’s men with money sleeping with all and sundry because they have the cash, locations and last word.

Have some discipline, respect and self-love.

Bhuti, stop lying. That means reflect your reality and not a fictitious one. Don’t lie.

Stop dating women who turn you into liars, as all of us don’t want big dicks and men with loads of money.

Stop promising women the moon and stars when the elastic band on your underpants is worn off.

If she makes you feel bad about being poor, keep walking and never resort to fabrication you will have to maintain.

Bhuti, give us a chance to get to know you and stop lying, as we are interested in your mind too.

Remember: you are enough and stop lying.

There’s nothing wrong with a small penis, I’ve heard.

#Daily Sun