A UGANDAN nursing assistant allegedly drugged a female patient before r_aping and impregnating her.
According to the Daily Monitor, Samuel Tumukuratire (29) confessed to having r_aped many of his patients at the Najeera hospital, north of Kampala, using the same method.
He would first insist they had HIV tests before sedating and r_aping them.
In the case of the woman whose alleged r_ape lead to him being charged, she only figured out she must have been r_aped when she realised three months after her stay in hospital that she was pregnant. She was especially amazed because her husband worked overseas at the time and she hadn’t had sex for a year.
Tumukuratire was confronted by cops during their investigation and confessed to sedating and r_aping the woman.
He has not yet pleaded and his case is due to be heard at the High Court on 18 August.