A pastor was caught shoplifting in a supermarket in Limpopo by an alert security officer.
The security officer who is also the owner of the one man security company he works for says he noticed that the local pastor seemed to have gained weight on his way out of the shop than when he had walked in. And some of the weight ‘was not even’.

The well-dressed pastor was caught stealing baby food and a couple of other edible items from the shelves concealing them in his suit.
He became a laughing stock as he was marched through the streets handcuffed with his carrying his loot before finally being arraigned in court.
The pastor says that his congregants are not putting enough money in the offering plate, and this makes it difficult for me to feed his family as they are dependent on offerings.
“I wish the government will set up a grant for us pastors, because some of us work in impoverished communities who cannot give us money that is enough to survive on,” pleaded the cleric.