A naughty Pretoria Pastor has sent tongues wagging after it was revealed that he has been asking all single women in church to bend over on the pulpit before shooting them with rubber bands in the rear.

The Nigerian born pastor, Adefoli Semtins (42) of the Heaven Today Ministries in Soshanguve has spent the last three weeks engaging in this exercise.

The exercise call shoot the booty – shun the devil is reportedly meant to be an exorcism, which chases bum clogging evil spirits from single women’s butt.

“The pain that they feel when i shoot sends the demons away” he said when reached for comment.

The pastor added that after church, he would massage the butt of all the girls he shot. He said he would massage with his holy oil, which would then place an attractive spirt on the girls.

“This is Africa. And you know men here they like the you know. So the process of shooting then massaging is like deliverance”

In shocking twist, the move is reportedly working.

Sarah Kayombo (37) claims she was a virgin until two weeks ago.

“I was a virgin and noone wanted me. So Pastor shot me with a rubber band on the pulpit. And then, the next week i met a man at a club, and now i have eloped. I am married now. Praise Jesus” she said.

The Pastor said his shoot and massage therapy comes with a guarantee. And that those who fail to get married after it can shoot him in revenge.